ORIGIN | mold like clay

We do not need to hammer our bodies as if they are metal, instead we should mold them as if they are clay. If you are familiar with clay, you are well aware that not all clay behaves the same - just because you were able to do one thing with this piece of clay, does not mean you can do that same thing with another, not to mention all of the confounding variables. Just as there is a beautiful artistry and science behind the forming of clay - there too is the same artistry and science in molding the human body.

With this as his inspiration, Curtis began to lay the foundations of Curtis CLAY Training in 2010 and officially began his business in 2012 with the vision to...

VISION | shift the perspective

Muscles are organs; just like the liver, lungs, skin and heart, muscles are indeed organs and therefore exercise should be an intentional architecture specific to your individual body and current circumstances. 

You should not have to fit into an exercise, exercise should fit you. Familiar with your skin type, you would not treat it the same way another person treats their skin - no, because you know what your skin needs. Similarly, you should be familiar with your muscular mechanics, but we are so inundated with "exercise" information, that it has become very hard to discern fad from proven & repeatable science...

MISSION | educate and empower

Knowledge is power, but only if you use it. Curtis has made it his mission to educate people on exercise, and the impacts of exercise to the body. You should know what exercises work best for you, you should know how to modify an exercise to best fit you and you should know how to modify your exercise routine throughout your training journey. People should be educated and therefore empowered on how to intelligently train their own body



community |  nounoften attributive > com·mu·ni·ty : a group of people who have the same interests, with a common characteristic, linked by a common policy. 

Curtis always had an unspoken dream – he envisioned that there would be an underlying sense of community among the CLAY 'warriors.' Upon opening THE KILN, he found himself blessed to witness this unspoken dream turn into an unequivocal reality. Warriors of THE KILN encourage one another, challenge one another and most importantly empower one another.

Competitors in a community;  ironic, I think not.