the C L A Y  team

if you don't do things differently, how will anyone ever see you as different?



A muscle nerd, there is no other way to explain Curtis. He has unceasingly pursued his passion in education which as permeated throughout the entirety of his career. Education coupled with his innate desire to help his clients achieve their goals, lends itself to a client-centered approach. 

In other words, he's obsessed with learning more and more about muscles, so he can help his clients get better, better, and better. 



Luke is dedicated to helping each individual become the optimal version of themselves. His goal is to identify the root causes of your physical limitations then holistically strengthen and balance your body regardless of age or athletic ability.



Dedicated to helping each individual with their own specific issues and needs. Xavier has worked with people in many different stages of life; athletes all the way to senior citizens. His main desire is to help you become the best you, you can be.