what he does...

Curtis began his career training athletes at the professional, collegiate and high-school level. Before beginning his career, Curtis was a college athlete himself, as the starting shortstop at Division 1 Kennesaw State University. While at KSU, he studied Exercise and Health Sciences. In his athletic senior year, he actually declined signing offers because academics came first; Curtis was determined to be the first in his family to graduate from college. In 2010, he achieved his Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences.

Since beginning, Curtis has continued to train athletes of every level and expanded to train athletes in a variety of sports, including: Baseball, Softball, Track, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Crew and Military. Since beginning Curtis Clay Training 2012, he has had 54 athletes achieve collegiate scholarships.

Most recently, Curtis has found himself expanding his clientele base to former-professional athletes and special cases. His continuing journey to further his knowledge has sparked an intrigue with especially challenging cases...


what he knows...

With a love for learning, Curtis knew he wouldn’t ever stop his academic career because according to him, "there are no absolutes in the body" and you must "never stop researching it." Post graduation, Curtis obtained four certifications, yet he still yearned for more knowledge, which brought him to September 2013 when he began his journey to advance his education with Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) as well as Resistance Training Specialist principles (RTS). Curtis did not waste any time and immediately after becoming a certified MAT Specialist (July 2014), he began his Master Level specialist journey and obtained the Master Level MAT certification in October 2015. Curtis' passion for MAT was so apparent and magnetic, that he was invited to be an MAT Assistant teacher in the Seattle MAT internship. Furthermore, he has attended multiple courses regarding the forces impact to the nervous system, the science behind resistance training and many others.

He is still advancing his knowledge and skill, and plans to continue this path indefinitely. Check-out his schedule if you are curious about the next class he is attending! 

Degree: Bachelors of Science; Exercise and Health Science

Certifications: MATm  MATcs • NSCA-CSCS • NSCA-CPT • NASM-CPT• RTS



what he is like...

Chances are, you heard about Curtis by word-of-mouth. Given that, you probably have already gleaned that he is no ‘typical trainer’ and an experience with him is no where near the expected. 

For every new client, Curtis executes a two-part assessment in which he carefully examines multiple aspects of the body to establish a baseline and lay the foundations for the architecture of the muscle training plan. The assessment consists of (1) the client completing a health history questionnaire, (2) the collecting of multiple measurements [learn more] and (3) the review of findings and outline of the training program.

Beyond the assessment, Curtis treats every appointment with a keen focus to the littlest of details. It is quite difficult to put into words what it is like to work with Curtis because it is so specific to the individual. He believes it is an honor to do what he does every day, and it shows. 

If you are interested in becoming a new client, send a request for a consultation and assessment.