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what he does

Xavier‘s passion for fitness really began to take shape when he discovered the sport of Wrestling, in high school. As team captain, his junior and senior years, he competed in State and placed 8th in Washington, just before graduating. Xavier went on to wrestle in college for both Grand Canyon University in Arizona and locally, at Grays Harbor College, even competing at the NCWA National Tournament in Florida at the end of the 2015/16 season.

After developing a K-6th grade wrestling program his senior year of high school, he knew he wanted to continue working with students to develop their athletic skills. Xavier has been coaching both a high school and junior high team since 2012. Once Xavier was introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) through Curtis Van Wyck, he was intrigued at how the practice could improve function, not only for wrestlers, but all people, athletes or not! While he still loves coaching the sport of wrestling, the adventure into MAT has expanded his vision for a broader career path, driven by the desire to help people be at their best, in order to reach whatever goals they have set their sights on.

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what he knows

Embarking on the Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) training, Xavier discovered an insatiable thirst for learning about anatomy and how things work together in the human body. He continues to study regularly, knowing there will always be more to learn. In the Fall of 2016, he will continue his education with MAT Master Foot Function, as well as RTSm Science 1: Musculoskeletal Mechanics.

Working with Curtis Clay Training and the team environment at The Kiln is a great opportunity for “iron sharpening iron” as the guys challenge and support each other, daily.

Certifications: • MATcs • NASM-CPT

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what he is like

With the understanding that each new client comes as an individual, with their own unique issues and needs, Xavier knows the importance of a personalized approach; adaptability is key.

Xavier has worked with people from across the board: junior high students, to D1 athletes, people who sit behind a desk all day, and even senior citizens.

Xavier’s objective is to help you be “the best YOU, you can be”, whether you’re competing in sports, needing to take your skills to the next level athletically, recovering from an injury, or just desire overall wellness as you live life!

If you are interested in meeting with Xavier to determine if he would be the right fit, send a request for a consultation (*required for new clients).