what he does...

Caleb began his journey in training at The Kiln. Beginning as a client with Curtis, he was deeply intrigued by the caliber and attention of the training. Having been around sports and physical therapy for years, he realized what went on in this place was something different. It was truly individual and intentional and piqued his interest and passion in a new way. Caleb’ career in sports medicine started with an extended internship of shadowing and studying with Curtis and has since led to formal education and his receiving his training certification.

 As part of the team at The Kiln, Caleb strives to deepen his understanding of the body, its movement and function, and to use that knowledge to assist people in maintaining and improving their muscular function.

what he knows…

Caleb is passionate in his desire to treat and train the body with a complete respect for the way it is created. It is of first importance to him to understand how each individual body reacts and adapts to forces and the way in which those forces are applied. With this in mind, he has attended the Resistance Training Specialist classes, which have given him a foundational understanding of musculoskeletal function and resistance mechanics. He has also taken an introductory course to become a Muscle System Specialist and is currently earning the full certification. He’s always adding more tools to assess and treat muscular imbalances.

Certifications: NASM-CPT

what he is like…

Much of the health and fitness community offers sound bite statements prescribing particular exercises or diets as universally best for everyone. But if you’re different from the next human being, this doesn’t make sense, does it?

You’ll quickly learn that Caleb’s takes great care in understanding you as person and how he can help you attain your goals—whether lifestyle or athletic. He will strive to fit any training and treatment to your body’s particularities and tendencies.

If you are interested in becoming working with Caleb, send a request for a consultation.