Weight Academy



Winter Quarter 2 2017-2018

December 11h - February 22nd

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday

3pm to 4pm


4pm to 5pm

The Goal to this academy is to create a new learning environment to train and help you as an athlete Achieve new levels of success.

The Academy is done in quarters where you can pick the quarters you participate and receive a custom program and MSC treatments to progress each athletes program with in the quarter.

 Depending your goals your program will be set up to progress you properly to reach those goals, while helping you as an athlete learn how to get to that goal safely and injury free.

 Whether it is Speed, Strength, Power, Recovery, Correction, or Injury Prevention your Program will guide you towards your end goal. We will focus on the details with a Microscope view but will Keep a Satellite View to what your end goal is.

For more information Contact Curtis