Athlete Academy

Fall 19' Athlete Academy Details.png


Autumn Quarter 1 2019

September 16th - November 26th

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday

4pm to 5Am


The Goal of this academy is to create a new learning environment to train and help you as an athlete achieve new levels of success. This program is Data Driven utilizing technology to track and assess you or your athletes Muscular System to help them to become optimal.

Whether your goal is to become stronger, run faster, become quicker, stay injury free, or learn how to express power through your athletic movements this Athlete Academy will help you achieve any of those goals. As a athlete the goal is to become a better athlete, not just a weight lifter that plays sports. This academy will equip and educate you or your athlete on how to achieve their true athleticism.

Your custom program is broken down into (3) 3 week phases + (2) de-load weeks + (1) Muscular System Treatment woven through out to help you progress through the quarter. We will utilize Muscular System Treatment + Athlete Readiness Testing (AthRT) to help you grow and progress so that your body becomes a athletically robust system.

For more information Contact Curtis