uniquely made bodies deserve an individually defined muscle training plan

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The Clay assessment | II Parts (Muscular System Treatment or Athlete Baseline Assessment)

Would you ever entrust a doctor to perform a routine surgery without first completing the preoperative physical exam? No. So, why would you entrust someone to perform a muscle training plan without first assessing the current condition of your body? 

The Clay Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your body, which will help set the foundation for your individualized plan of muscle treatment and training. The assessment will review Posture (lying + standing), Circumference Measurements, Resting Heart Rate, Nervous System Screen (anchoring tests), Range of Motion, Respiratory Screen, and Cervical Screen (Neck), along with a number of other pertinent measurements. Such information aids a compendious plan; less is more. 

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Mini Clay Assessment is available from LUKE + CALEB + XAVIER

Assessments are required for all new clients of Curtis. Quarterly re-assessments are highly recommended for existing clients.


muscular system treatment | Maintain Your Muscles

Def; to give particular properties to a muscular economy made up of connected things forming a complex whole.

Movement is essential for health; if one loses motion in their body, it can be a sign that there is a problem. Just as you would not ignore a 'check engine' light in your car, you should not avoid the body's warning signs. When your check engine light comes on it is a warning to address the small (Local) issue before it becomes a wide spread (Systemic) issue. Losses in the ability to contract muscle in a variety of ways can result in loss of range of motion, muscle stiffness or tightness which can lead to the body not being able move.

Muscular System Treatment can help keep your body running optimally – consider it one of the tools that the 'mechanic' uses to review and address such 'check engine' warnings. Once these warnings are addressed, Muscular System Treatment can also aid in maintaining the efficiency of your muscles for optimal performance. The tools used are Qualitative Manual Assessment of Motor Control (QMAMC), Exercise, Configuration Testing, Isometrics, Concentrics (Miometrics), and Eccentrics (Pliometrics), Iso-Configurational Perturbation/Stability Assessment (ICPA).


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Muscular System Treatment available from CURTIS + CALEB

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Strength Training can mean so many different things to so many people. It can also be very intimidating to even think about trying; only jocks "lift things up and put them down" - right? Unfortunately, strength training has a bad rep, so please allow us to right these wrongs...

Strength training is NOT about heavy weights, does NOT require labor intensive grunting, does NOT have to be paired with cardio and should NOT be performed for hours-on-end. Strength training is about contracting the muscle at optimal weight capacity, should focus on breathing to allow such optimal contraction, can actually replace cardio and is best when only done as-needed; LESS is MORE

Oh, and I am so sorry if you were ever told the atrocious lies of "pain is weakness leaving the body" or that you "didn't work hard enough" if you failed to regurgitate your lunch. Strength training should build muscle, not tear it apart

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Speed, Agility and Plyometrics can be so easily overlooked; most people think of athletic training in terms of strength, endurance and technique. However, it is the overarching skill of speed, agility and plyometrics, which can be the defining moment of what separates one from the crowd. Agility makes plays, hops trump competitor's attempts and an unmatched speed shuts it all down

Speed and Agility allows the athlete the ability to stop on-a-dime and redirect in less than a moment's notice. Speed development is crucial to enable the body to move aggressively while agility allows such aggressive moment to be in-sync with quick adjustments. 

Plyometric Training while perceived as primarily targeted to increase one's vertical, actually also allows the athlete to become more powerful and explosive. Furthermore, advanced plyometrics training can teach the athletic body how to properly absorb force helping to unconsciously prevent sports related injuries.

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Teams who train together stay together... or something like that? In all actuality, there is huge value when a team continually does things together – it develops camaraderie, trust and confidence. Training as a team is simply the ribbon that ties the gift of a team all together. 

Curtis will direct your team in a defined training program; while keeping the team in mind he will not overlook individuals who may need adjustments based on their specific body and/or position. He has trained a variety of teams including, Woodinville High School Football, WHS Baseball, WHS Softball, WHS Track, Edmonds Community College Baseball, and many other select league teams. Team training is only taken on a case-by-case basis, please contact Curtis if interested.

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